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The Lew Mellen  College Assistance Fund         

College assistance funds at First Baptist of Pittsfield have been in existence since
1966 and the source of income depended entirely upon bequests, memorial gifts
and proceeds from tag sales held at the church. Lew Mellen, who was an active
member of this church and who committed much of his time and energy in
working with our youth as a Sunday school teacher and youth advisor, became a
committee member in 1980. He had a great love for young people, for their
interests, their education and their future and upon his death in 1993, he
bequeathed stocks to the Scholarship Fund. The interest earned each year has
allowed us to provide financial awards to our youth who are furthering their
education beyond high school. From the inception of the fund, many of our
young people have been recipients of awards that has provide aid as they pursue
higher education goals.
Applicants must be a member of First Baptist Church, and award amounts are
based on the applicant’s level of involvement and participation in church
programs, Sunday School and the youth group of the church. A brochure that
includes the history and purpose of the Lew Mellen College Assistance Fund is
available in the church office. Application forms are also available and these
forms must be completed and returned to the church office by the end of May
each year. Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee who then
determines the award amount for each applicant. Notification of these awards
are made on Baccalaureate Sunday in June of each year.

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